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Exposé and Writing-Challenge Dissertation

IMG_20111029_152605_thumb.jpgAs I wrote in my post “PhD Projekt becoming concrete – Project Planning” I decided to write a cumulative Dissertation instead of a Monographie. Meanwhile my new exposé is almost ready and last week we had a doctoral-candidates-meeting in Marburg, where all of us can discuss the recent state of their projects, ask for (and get) feedback and argue on open questions – a really great offer and very efficient to have a group of other candidates around your research area and nevertheless with different topics and foci as “critical friends” and resource for the research process!

While preparing my exposé I joined a Facebook Writing Challenge in a FB Writing Lab – I already did so two times before, once finishing my M.A., and to meet the deadline for a research-paper. And as it was really motivating, but always limited to some weeks, I now decided to open a new Facebook-Group for a permanent Challenge for long-term projects like dissertations. You can find and join the group here.

In the context of this group and of my phd project I have another idea and would love, if some of you would “come along”. As an “open University”, a new culture of learning and research, and a new role of science are important aspects of my phd project, I would like to implement this weblog deeper into what I am doing – and vice-versa. It was always planned and conceptualized as a place of sharing and creating interdisciplinary knowledge, but up to know it is only me who is writing here, the posts are linked to Facebook and there most discussions take place. I love Facebook and my community there, but for longer texts and the discussion of them I think a weblog is a much better place (besides it is connected and all posts here are linked to FB).

So I would like to invite all members of my Facebook-Group “Writing Challenge Dissertation” to be co-author and to introduce their projects and proposals here – to receive feedback and support from the community. Please just contact me in the FB-Group via PN and I can create writing-rights for you here.

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