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Submitting an international symposium – Further steps in context with my phd-project

MotionRecently ideas and plans for my PhD Project shape and become more concrete – I am really motivated and enjoy working on it, enhancing and enlarging frames and steps, including them into concrete project-planning-steps.

To connect my project with networks and create connections and affiliations we think about a research-project and about submitting a symposium for a conference in 2018. The latter is recently “work in progress” and from the angle of not only writing about, but actually doing research in the context of new learning (and research) cultures – which are open, creative, innovative, and interdisciplinary, and implement the potential of networking and digitalization – I would love to use this research-community to share the idea with my networks.

As submissions for symposia will be reviewed anonymously, I will not share our detailed outline here, but post the links to the congress and the call.



If some of you (they should be post-graduated or graduated) are interested to participate you could contact me via e-mail (s.siemsen  at, or Facebook , or Twitter (@CoRe2dot0 ), or LinkedIn, or Xing ) … whatever channel you prefer! I would be happy to send you detailed information and the outline of the intended international symposium.

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