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PhD Project becoming concrete – Project Planning

WP_20170126_10_46_43_ProFollowing up my last post on my PhD Project here the latest news and an outlook on next concrete steps: Since recently I got in closer contact with the working area Innovation, organization and networks at the institute of educational science of the Philipps University in Marburg, and by now we decided that my PhD Project will be supervised there. I have learned that it has really been a good decision to take time for search and reflection and to see the question of who will/can supervise such a complex and important project as highest priority. I look forward very much to the coming time-frame and all concrete steps connected with it. I feel encouraged and supported and I am about to enlarge my network and my personal reflection on my research with raising speed :-)!

The project itself has also changed structure and form, without abandoning its core-content and focus. At the moment it is quite sure that it will be a cumulative dissertation, basing on my publications and reflecting, enhancing and enlarging those, by connecting the papers foci to work out interrelations, weakness and excellence (so a theorectical work ) and desiderata for post-doctoral work (empirical, mixed method – here a big part of my former proposals ideas on methodology and research will be conducted).

Since January I have finished a submission for an invitation to extend last years LTEC-Paper, I am about to finish a submission for the LTEC in 2017 and I am working on a presentation for a Symposium of the commission of organizational pedagogy at a DGfE conference end of February. It feels good “to be back” with concrete plans and structures and new enhanced ideas for my research. From now on I will also try to report on the progress, upcoming reflections and question, on a more regular basis here.


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