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Globally Networked Learning-Processes in Higher Education: Rethinking and Fusing Terminology and Theories in the Context of Digitalization and Technology

As a last part of the Weblog-Update – before starting to reflect with my recent project of my doctoral thesis/phd – I will make my M.A. Thesis public

As I would be happy to receive feedback and to use this process as a basis for my doctoral thesis/phd which will enlarge the M.A.’s theme and questions, I will not publish “the whole cake” in one piece 🙂 but the different parts of it as individual posts.

So I will start with the content and with the slides of my colloquium.

1 Introduction 1
2 Learning, Knowledge, and Competence: Terminology Shapes Thinking 7
2.1 A New Learning-Culture 8
2.2 The Process of Learning in a New Learning Culture 11
2.3 Redefining Knowledge for a New Learning Culture 14
2.4 The Question of Competence through the Lens of a New Learning Culture 17
3 Revisiting Learning Theories from a New Learning Culture’s Perspective 21
3.1 Gregory Bateson’s Levels of Learning 22
3.2 Connectivism: Generating Knowledge in and Through Learning Networks 28
3.3 Communication as »Social Matrix« of Learning-Processes 30
3.4 From Competence Development to Enhancement-Competence 32
4 Discussing a New Learning Culture in the Context of Digitalization and Technology 37
4.1 Distance Education: From »Drill and Practice« to OER and MOOCs 38
4.2 From E-Learning to Learning Online 42
4.3 From MOOCs to GOAL 45
4.4 Competent for or Through GOAL? 49
5 Interim-Conclusion 51
6 Learning Landscape Global Online-University 55
6.1 Disruptive or Sustaining: Open Online Courses in Higher Education 56
6.2 Learning-Processes in GOAL 61
6.3 How GOAL can Become Learning-Landscapes for Enhancement-Competence 65
7 A New Research-Culture for a New Learning-Culture 69
7.1 Can Traditional Methods Fit New Approaches? 71
7.2 Learning Analytics as Methods and Tool to Analyze, Evaluate and Foster Learning Online 77
7.3 Evaluating Enhancement-Competence and Meta-Communication in a New Learning Culture 86
7.4 Research Culture 3.0+ 90
8 Conclusion and Desideratum 93


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