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Future Plans and past-action-update :-)


Regarding new post here I had a very long quiet period which does not mean that it had not been a busy time – on the contrary :-). But from today on, I will start a reverse update which will be followed by information on the state of my project “doctoral theses/phd”.

To start: Some weeks ago I was very proud and glad to receive an invitation to give a short keynote in Dublin in the context of the ENTELIS Seminar in November 2015. It was a short but great time in Dublin and brought about new ideas, perspectives and interesting people and ideas. Below you can find the keynotes slides and audio (produces after my return).

In my next post I will give some information on two publications/presentation I had on the LTEC Conference 2015 in Maribor.

Last but not least: My M.A. Thesis is finally done and now I am allowed to use the degree M.A. eEducation – here I will also give further details in upcoming posts.


For today I hope you enjoy the keynote and I would appreciate your feedback!




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