Educational Science

Part II: Academic MOOCs and the Question of Competence

While the figure in Part I  visualized the general relationship between learning, knowledge and competence on a general level the reflections leading to this model step back to a general level and try to include individual as well as social-cultural dimensions. It still contains a mistake (its “meta-communication” not “conversation”,  but I do not want to waste time yet by graphicl corrections :-)) and I am not yet really content with some terms … but nevertheless I’d like to share it and to ask for feedback concerning its main intention:

It aims to carve out interdependence and interplay and finally to come to a new and more holistic definition and term: Enhancement-Competence. This terminology aims first of all to developing a deductive understanding of Enhancement-Competence as a competence that enables a global understanding of heterogeneity as indispensable pre-condition for all processes of learning and enhancing learning processes.

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