Review and Prospect

Short Review

Due to a heavy stalkingproblem that started in 2013 it unfortunately was not possible to service and update this Weblog for a longer period, but 2014 I  succeded in – at least in a still reduced form –  publishing posts and links dealing with the process of learning with, through and about digital Tools, Web 2.0 and social software and to reinstall the hacked english Version of this Weblog.

2014 went on difficult in the private area, but it brought also great moments: I submitted a paper to the call for papers to LTEC Conference 2014 – and proudly had it been accepted –it was a great experience and let to valuable contacts, great people and great experiences! I am finally about to finish my Master Thesis and decided to write it in English, to enable the newly found connections to participate in the ongoing research.


January and February 2015 will therefore be dedicated to the final spurt finishing my M.A. … last chapters, corrections, translations. But I will try to share my thoughts and the ongoing process in at least temporarily posts here.

Hope to read and hear and meet many of you in 2015 – Have a great Year!


Due to the stalking problem I will still activate comments individual so please excuse that comments are not published immediately.


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