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To write a M.A. Thesis by MOOCing :-) [Prezi in German]

Participating the MOOC #ldlmooc (in German) I succeeded for the first time, to active participate in a cMOOC meanwhile for the third week … and even in submitting the weekly tasks in time.

I believe its for the following reasons:

  • The MOOC deals with a topic relevant for my M.A. thesis.
  • It is a kind of feald research 😉
  • Commenting to the discurses is a perfekt training for learning how to deal with critical arguments to my ideas and theoretical approach to the context of Learning and Knowledge – and to stay open and adaptive to others’ ideas without loosing a critical focus – all in all a wonderful test for the oral presentation on the conference coming autoum.
  • I use tools I wanted to test and practice since long ago … such as creating new Google+ or Facebook Sites and Communities, Prezi, Pearltree and Rebelmouse – just to name those I tried so far.

Task of the second MOOC week was to conzeptualize a learning unit for LdL (Lernen durch Lehren: Learning through teaching). Thats what above Prezi is about.

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